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1What Is The English Of Lada?


2What Is The English For Vespa?

• lada

3What Is Called Khasiat In English?

→ barn

4What Do We Say To Dakar In English?

↔ grange

5What Language Is The Word Vespa?

Etymology. New Latin, from Latin, wasp.

6What Does Vespa Mean In Spanish?

vespa, la ~ (f) (scooter) scooter, the ~ Noun.

7What Does Vespa Mean In Latin?

Vespa (n.)

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1950, proprietary name of an Italian make of motor scooter, first produced 1946, from Italian, literally “wasp,” from Latin vespa (see wasp). Rival brand was Lambretta.

8How Do You Spell Vespa Scooter?

“Vespa stands for quality of life, in Italy and around the world, for reasons over and beyond the scooter’s style or the new fuel-efficient low-emission engines we have developed. This scooter is fun to look at, to own and to ride.