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O Derek Boyfriend

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1Who Is Bo Derek In A Relationship With?

Bo Derek and John Corbett have been together for 18 years, but don’t expect the couple to walk down the aisle any time soon. The actress, 63, spoke with Fox News about her relationship with Corbett, 59, citing an “attraction, a comfort” with the “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” star and “Sex and the City” alum.

2What Happened To Bo And John Derek?

Corbett and Derek began dating in 2002. The actress was previously married to actor-director John Derek for almost 22 years before his death in 1998. ET spoke with Derek in September, where she admitted that she didn’t “mind being asked” about when they would tie the knot, “Because we’re the abnormal people.

3How Old Is John Corbett?

After Bo began a relationship with John Derek when she was 16, they moved to Germany, where John would not be subject to prosecution under California statutory rape laws. They returned to the United States soon after Bo’s 18th birthday. They wed in 1976 and remained married until his death from heart failure in 1998.

4How Long Has Bo Derek Been With John Corbett?

John Corbett says he and Bo Derek got married last year after 20 years together. “We didn’t want 2020 to be that thing that everybody looks back at and hated,” the former “Sex and the City” star said. “We thought, ‘Well, let’s get one nice thing out of it. ‘”

5When Did Bo Derek And John Corbett Get Together?

‘” The couple first started dating in 2002 after they were set up by Corbett’s friend, Hollywood agent Norby Walters. The My Big Fat Greek Wedding star told Today in 2015 of how he and his new wife met, “I said, ‘I’m not dating anyone,’ and [Walters] said, ‘I’ll get you a date, Corbett! ‘ And he set me up with Bo.

6How Long Was Bo Derek Married To John Derek?

The 10 actress — who had been married to husband John Derek for 22 years before he died of heart failure in 1998 — told Fox News that she “didn’t expect to end up with anyone again.” “Some women want to pair up again right away. I didn’t,” Derek said.

7Who Lives With John Corbett?

John Corbett and Bo Derek’s newlywed life couldn’t be sweeter. Earlier this month, the Sex and the City alum revealed during an appearance on The Talk that he and his longtime girlfriend wed “around Christmastime” last year after nearly two decades together.