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Nebenwirkungen Utrogestan Pregnancy

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1Is It Safe To Use Utrogestan During Pregnancy?

Warnings: Utrogestan Vaginal 200mg Capsules should only be used during the first three months of pregnancy and must only be administrated by vaginal route. Utrogestan Vaginal 200mg Capsules is not suitable as a contraceptive. Treatment should be discontinued upon diagnosis of a missed abortion.

2When Should I Start Taking Progesterone To Prevent Miscarriage?

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To avoid delay in starting treatment the committee agreed that progesterone could be started before a fetal heartbeat is detected. If a fetal heartbeat is confirmed it is recommended that treatment with progesterone should continue until 16 weeks of pregnancy have been completed.

3Do You Always Bleed With Utrogestan?

What are the side-effects of Utrogestan? Some women experience side-effects initially which can include erratic vaginal bleeding, abdominal bloating, lower abdominal pains or discomfort and breast tenderness. Bleeding can be intermittent or continual and can last for the first 3 to 6 months.

4How Long Can You Take Progesterone During Pregnancy??

You may begin treatment before or up to 24 weeks of pregnancy, and continue it until just before 37 weeks.

5When Should I Start Taking Progesterone During Pregnancy?

You may begin treatment before or up to 24 weeks of pregnancy, and continue it until just before 37 weeks. Vaginal progesterone can cause mild skin irritation. Research has not shown that vaginal progesterone causes serious side effects for you or your baby.

6Can Taking Progesterone In Early Pregnancy Prevent Miscarriage?

Several small studies have suggested that progesterone, a hormone essential for maintaining a pregnancy, may reduce the risk of miscarriage in women presenting with early pregnancy bleeding.

7Should I Take Progesterone In Early Pregnancy?

The importance of progesterone in pregnancy has prompted many clinicians to infer that progesterone deficiency may be aetiologically linked to recurrent miscarriage (RM), and that progesterone therapy in the first trimester of pregnancy may reduce the risk of miscarriage.

8How Effective Is Progesterone In Preventing Miscarriage?

The study authors found that treatment with progesterone led to a 3% greater live birth rate among those treated than those who were not. Over 4000 women participated in the second largescale British study on progesterone to prevent miscarriage, which produced similar results.