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Nebenwirkungen Qlaira Reviews

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1Is Qlaira A Good Pill?

Qlaira is more than 99% effective when taken correctly, but missing pills, vomiting, diarrhoea and taking certain other medicines can make it less effective. See below. Qlaira won’t protect you against sexually transmitted infections; you’ll still need to use condoms for that.

2Does Qlaira Make You Lose Weight?

There is no evidence that Qlaira can affect weight. Make sure to take a look at our users’ reviews above to see how our community report the Qlaira affects their weight. You can also take a look our guide to contraception and weight to find out more.

3What Are The Benefits Of Qlaira?

Qlaira is a combined oral contraceptive, commonly known as a ‘birth control pill’ or ‘the Pill’. Qlaira is used to prevent pregnancy. It is also used for the treatment of heavy and/or prolonged menstrual bleeding (not caused by any underlying disease) in women who wish to use oral contraception.

4What Is The Alternative To Qlaira?

Abstract. ▼Zoely is the second estradiol-containing oral contraceptive formulated as an ‘extended regimen’ (pill-free interval <7 days) to be licensed in the UK. However, unlike the quadraphasic estradiol-containing contraceptive Qlaira, it is a monophasic preparation.

5Can The Pill Make You Lose Weight?

Can birth control promote weight loss? Although weight loss is listed as a potential side effect of some hormonal contraceptives, no birth control has been designed to promote it. The only way you may feel like you’ve lost weight is if you’re prone to water retention and use a contraceptive that has a diuretic effect.

6What Are The Side Effects Of Qlaira?

The most commonly reported adverse reactions with Qlaira when used as an oral contraceptive or in the treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding in women without organic pathology who desire oral contraception are acne, breast discomfort, headache, intracyclic bleeding, nausea and weight increased.

7Does Birth Control Stop You From Losing Weight?

Takeaway. No conclusive scientific evidence has proven that taking birth control pills cause weight gain. Doctors also point to the fact that many people tend to gain weight as they age, which may be a reason why they perceive their birth control pills are to blame.