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Luxusgueterkonzern Kering Brands Eyewear Frames

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1Is Kering Eyewear Real?

Kering Eyewear is the one and only Luxury Eyewear company. Beginning as a startup in 2014, Kering Eyewear has grown exponentially since then, thanks to the strong support of the Kering Group, the extraordinary portfolio of 15 Luxury and Lifestyle brands and the best team of professionals in the industry.

2Where Is Kering Eyewear Manufactured?

Kering Eyewear luxury products are made in Italy and are labeled in compliance with all applicable law.”

3Does Kering Eyewear Make Gucci Glasses?

Kering Eyewear manages the product development, manufacturing, distribution and sales of Gucci Eyewear, one of the world’s leading luxury fashion brands. Founded in Florence in 1921, Gucci represents world class luxury, Italian heritage and modern style.

4Who Owns Kering Eyewear?

The parent holding company of Kering is Groupe Artémis. In 2020, Kering made 13.1 billion euros in revenue, 17.5% from the previous year. The group has 30.956 employees and 1.381 stores. Its brands Gucci, Saint Laurent and Bottega Veneta generated 84% of the group’s revenue.

5Where Are Kering Glasses Made?

Kering maintains that all its luxury eyewear for Kering Eyewear is manufactured in Italy, and, for a small part in Japan.

6Where Does Kering Produce?

In March 2017, Kering and Richemont announced a partnership agreement for the development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of the Maison Cartier and some of their other brands’ eyewear categories, resulting in Richemont becoming a shareholder of Kering Eyewear.

7Who Is The Manufacturer Of Gucci Eyewear?

In Mongolia, Kering has led the South Gobi Cashmere Project alongside the Wildlife Conservation Society and Stanford University with the goal of offsetting the environmental impact of cashmere production.