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Luxus Warehouse Order Selector Salary

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Compensation: $20 / hour. 1.5 x overtime (OT) paid.

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1What Does A Warehouse Order Selector Do??

An order selector is typically employed in a warehouse or stockroom where they fill customer orders by selecting and packaging products.

2Which Warehouse Company Pays The Most?

Despite this, you’ll find that Amazon has among the highest pay rates and some of the best benefits in the warehousing industry.

3How Much Does The Best Buy Warehouse Pay??

Average Best Buy Warehouse Worker hourly pay in the United States is approximately $17.65, which is 16% above the national average.

4What Warehouse Companies Pay The Most?

Top companies for Warehouse Workers in United States
NIKE. 4.1 $23.83per hour. 10,811 reviews25 salaries reported.
Uline. 3.1 $23.38per hour. 556 reviews7 salaries reported.
Walmart. 3.4 $22.33per hour.
Target. 3.6 $22.23per hour.
TARGET DISTRIBUTING Center. 3.1 $22.01per hour.

5Which Amazon Warehouse Pays The Most?

The city that stands out for having the highest pay is Sunnyvale, CA, where Amazon pays its workers an average salary of $74,175.

6How Much Do Most Warehouse Workers Make?

The median base salary for a warehouse worker, according to, is $28,519, with a range of $24,467 to $32,808. Payscale breaks down the typical pay for a warehouse worker on an hourly basis, with the average hourly rate estimated at $12.62, with a range of $9.71 to $17.92 per hour.

7Can You Make Good Money In A Warehouse?

Gig Workers Make Good Pay

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Reliable flex workers can make a decent living performing gig work in warehouses. It is not unusual for entry-level wages to start at about $18.00 an hour, and experienced workers with specific skills could get up to $30.00 an hour.